Hysterium Haunted Asylum
2023 is the year of APOCALYPSE. The 2023 season opens Friday, Sept 22.  The doors close for the season on Nov 4.
Patients and Staff have come down with the Hysterium Fungus INFECTION!  Covid may be nearly over and the state and county have said that at present there are NO restrictions like previous years at this time.  You may wear a mask at your own discretion. 
Our customers love TIMED TICKETS.  The wait times are much shorter with TIMED TICKETS.   Go online and  buy a time slot ticket.  Then arrive close to your time and proceed in line to the entrance.  No long wait UNLESS you forget to buy online because then you have to pay more at the door and at the door the tickets cost more.  If you don't buy online we may sell out because of limited tickets each night.   Pay at the door line may be up to 2 hours.  In 2022 the timed ticket customers were in the haunt door within 40 minutes on our busiest Saturday night. Most other nights it was 20-30 minutes.  Customers that bought at the door paid more and waited twice as long.
Limited tickets available each night.  2023 Ticket prices are $20 online, $25 at the door with (PLATINUM Straight to the Door VIP Passes are $40).
website is https://hysterium.com/tickets/   Reservations not required but highly recommended!
As you enter Hysterium, you will be immersed immediately into the lobby waiting room where the patients will show you how INFECTED they are and be glad to see you.  They want to get out and the head nurse has to keep order while you wait your turn in to the intake area.  If you get or not, you will be lost in the Hysterium Haunted Asylum and hopefully only have nightmares as you leave!!!

Be aware that your RSVP ticket time slot is your ARRIVAL TIME to the ticket window and you will be in line a few minutes. On busy nights there may be a longer wait once you check in at the ticket window.
Back by popular demand: BLACKOUT.. Fri Nov 4 and Sat Nov 5 only from 7-10pm with TIMED TICKETS.
Hysterium RSVP - $20.00
Hysterium PLATINUM - $40.00
BLACKOUT Event - $20.00
Kids Lights On Tours - $5.00
The annual Trunk or Treat is still FREE, but the Kids Lights On Tour tickets are TIMED TICKETS available online for $5  and at the door (if available).


4410 Arden Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46804





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